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How to Settle Credit Card Debt Before Going to Court

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When times are tough, having a credit card can be a real life-saver. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own array of pitfalls to navigate, though. For many, it’s all too easy to make one wrong step and wind up in debt.

When that happens, nothing is more important than getting good advice from someone you can trust. Fortunately, JPP Law’s bankruptcy lawyers in NEPA have the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice and the highest quality legal assistance. When you need to know how to settle credit card debt before going to court, look no further. JPP Law has the answers.

Figure Out How Behind You Are

If you haven’t yet received a legal summons but fear that your financial situation makes a lawsuit inevitable, don’t fret. The truth is that if you’re aware there’s a problem early on, you have a better chance of squashing it before it gets out of hand.

The first step in doing that is knowing exactly where you stand. Sit down and review your credit card history to determine just how far behind you are, both in terms of cost and time. The good news is that credit card companies usually don’t view an account as lawsuit-worthy until it’s six months delinquent. If you’re still within that grace period, you may be able to avoid going to court by paying off all or even part of what you owe.

See If Your Creditor Will Negotiate

Paying off a credit card all at once isn’t easy, and while some creditors are willing to give wiggle room if you can pay off at least part of your debt, that’s not something that’s ever guaranteed. If you haven’t yet received a legal summons, be proactive, and contact your credit card company directly to see if they’re willing to negotiate. They may be open to setting you up with a payment plan.

Even if you have already received a summons, that doesn’t mean a lawsuit can’t be avoided. Once again, it’s essential to reach out to your creditor, their lawyer, or the debt buyer as soon as possible. Depending on your history and financial situation, you may be able to settle your debt without having to take your case to court, and you may even be able to avoid paying the full amount you owe.

Get Expert Help from an Attorney

When researching how to settle credit card debt before going to court, you may come across advertisements for so-called debt settlement companies. However, the truth about debt settlement companies is that many of them promise a lot more they can provide, often mishandling their clients’ debts and making settlements sound much easier to achieve than they really are.

While negotiating with a creditor is always an option worth pursuing, it doesn’t always work out. In times like those, your best bet may be in declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can often do in months what may take a settlement company years. Best of all, bankruptcy doesn’t require your creditors to approve the amount they’ll receive. Bankruptcy exists to protect you, not them. Having a knowledgeable, experienced bankruptcy attorney at your side is invaluable.

JPP Law Has the Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in NEPA

No bankruptcy lawyers in NEPA have better knowledge and experience than the ones at JPP Law. If you’ve been worried about how to settle credit card debt before going to work, you don’t have to go it alone. Our attorneys will help you determine your financial standing, identify which options are best for you, and walk you through the entire process of settling your debts once and for all.

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