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Personal Injury vs. Property Damage

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What certain types of lawyers can help you with can be complicated. Fortunately, many people can get through life without needing a lawyer’s help, so this usually isn’t an issue. However, if you do ever find yourself involved in something like a bad car accident, you’ll likely have to get legal help, which will come with many questions. After a car accident, you could suffer from serious injuries as well as damage to your vehicle. If you’re wondering what to do after getting rear-ended or injured in any other type of accident, you might benefit from speaking with a qualified lawyer.

Some people assume that a personal injury lawyer also handles property damage cases as well, which isn’t exactly correct. Most personal injury lawyers don’t work with property damage cases on their own, but they may if the property damage is related to a serious car accident their client was injured in.

Do you understand personal injury vs. property damage? Here are the differences between the two. 

Personal Injury 

Personal injury refers to the injuries you have due to an accident. Medical bills are expensive, and a personal injury lawyer can help you win compensation that covers the cost. This can also include the difficulties a person’s injuries are expected to cause in the future, such as earning lower wages if they can’t do the same work anymore and medical bills for continued treatment. Personal injury also extends further than physical injuries. Victims can also be compensated for the emotional pain and suffering the accident has caused them. Because of this, determining the amount of compensation a person deserves can be complicated. Serious injuries don’t come with an exact price tag, and many aren’t aware of what their damages are worth, which makes it extremely important to get the help of a lawyer who knows how much they deserve.

Property Damage

Property damage refers to damage that’s done to your property, such as your car or home. Personal injury lawyers can only help with property damage in certain situations. Your personal injury lawyer may be able to help with damages done to your vehicle in your accident, but even then, it isn’t always necessary for them to step in for property damage. The cost of the damage done to a vehicle is much easier to accurately determine than the cost of a personal injury. For example, if someone is the victim of theft and had their home broken into, a personal injury lawyer can’t help. Property damage can also be caused by natural forces, not only by people. This includes things like damage caused by floods, storms, and fires. 

Get the Right Legal Help After Your Accident 

No one expects you to be a legal expert and figure things out for yourself after a car accident. We know how overwhelming the aftermath of an accident can be, and dealing with legal matters only makes the situation more stressful. This is why it’s so important that you work with a lawyer who can answer all of your questions and give you the help you need. At JPPLaw, we’ll work hard so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.

Contact JPPLaw to see if a Williamsport personal injury lawyer can help after your car accident. 

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