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Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

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Car accidents are extremely common, and most people know someone who’s been affected by them. When you’re involved in an accident, it can be incredibly jarring to go through, even if it’s only a minor one. After a minor accident, you might just try to feel fortunate that it wasn’t worse. However, your vehicle is still damaged, and you and other passengers could be injured. This can cause you to wonder, “should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?”

Don’t assume that just because it was only a minor accident that you don’t need help. In some cases, you might need to get a lawyer if you’ve been in a minor accident. 

What to Do After A Minor Accident 

The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming, and you might not know what steps to take next. Here’s what to do following an accident. 

Move Away From Traffic

If you and your passengers are physically able to move to a safer spot away from traffic. You don’t want to make the situation any worse and increase someone’s chance of getting even more injured, so this will help keep everyone safe. 

Call the Police

The police need to be notified if you’ve been in an accident. Whether or not you end up needing a lawyer, you want to have everything well-documented in a police report. For a minor accident, they may only take the details over the phone, but this is still important to have. 

Gather Information

Many people already know the importance of taking down the other driver’s information after an accident. Gather the other driver’s contact information, driver license number, and license plate number. Of course, you’ll also need their insurance information so that you can contact their insurance company. You also want to take pictures of the scene of the accident for future reference. You or your passengers are bound to have a phone with you, so be sure to take pictures of the accident from multiple spots. 

Get Medical Attention

If your accident was minor, there are hopefully no dire injuries, but there will likely still be some smaller injuries. Just because no one has a life-threatening injury doesn’t mean you don’t need to get medical attention. If there are injuries, they might not be immediately noticeable when your adrenaline is flowing, but they still require treatment. Waiting too long can make things much worse, and medical records can also be valuable if you do need a lawyer. 

Contact an Attorney

You should still contact an attorney even if your accident was minor. Don’t take too long to do this, as you only have a certain length of time to take legal action. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, and they might not give you the amount of compensation you need. If this is the case, an attorney can be a huge asset to you.

Find Out if You Need a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident

Knowing when is the right time to find a lawyer can be difficult, but you don’t want to go without help if it could be beneficial for you. We don’t expect you to be a legal expert and know exactly what to do after an accident. At JPPLaw, you can get the help of a personal injury lawyer in Scranton, PA, who knows what to do and how to help.

If you’re not sure whether or not a lawyer is necessary for your minor accident, it’s best to check to make sure. Contact us for a free consultation to see what your options are.

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