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Should You File for Bankruptcy?

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We all know how difficult it is to manage our finances. Most people will have trouble with it from time to time, often resulting in some debt. This is something many of us have experienced, and debt can sometimes feel unavoidable. Debt can be incredibly challenging to get out of, and even a small amount can grow into something uncontrollable. Of course, you want to pay your debts off, but this isn’t always possible. When you have debt and no way of paying it off, it could be time to start considering getting a bankruptcy lawyer

Many people tend to view bankruptcy negatively, but this could be your chance at a fresh start. Here are a few signs that you should file for bankruptcy.

Your Wages Are Being Garnished

Finding the money to pay off your debt can be a challenge. However, if you owe a significant amount, you may have no choice but to have the money taken from you. Some people who fall into large amounts of debt end up having their wages garnished to pay it off. When wage garnishment occurs, a person’s employer has to withhold part of their paycheck. If a person’s wages are being garnished, they never get this portion of their wages when they get paid. 

Your Creditors Are Suing

Dealing with creditors is scary for everyone, especially when you’re trying to pay off your debt, but you’re unable to. As most people know, having creditors trying to contact you can be extremely stressful, but frequent phone calls aren’t the only thing they’ll do. If you owe a large amount, your creditors can sue you. This puts a huge amount of stress on you at an already difficult time, but filing for bankruptcy can stop it. 

Your Home is Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is often one of people’s biggest fears when they have a significant amount of debt. If you owe a large amount that you can’t pay back, your mortgage company might take back your home through foreclosure. By doing this, they can sell your home to pay off what you owe. Being evicted from your home is an extreme no one wants to be put through, but bankruptcy can help. 

You Pay for Everything With Credit Cards

Everyone knows how dangerous credit cards can be, but sometimes they’re necessary. If you only use your credit card when you know you’ll have the means to pay it off on time, you likely don’t have much to worry about. However, if you need to use credit cards for everything, it can be very concerning, and your debt will likely get out of control quickly. If you rely heavily on credit cards while you’re already in debt, this is a sign you need to get assistance. 

Get Expert Help to File for Bankruptcy

Hundreds of thousands file for bankruptcy each year, and they all have their own reasons for it. This can be a stressful situation to be in, but getting help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help significantly help. At JPPLaw, Attorney Jason P. Provinzano can help you through this process so you can get out of debt. You’ll have a bankruptcy expert who knows bankruptcy laws in PA and has already helped hundreds like you.

Deciding if filing for bankruptcy is right for you can be hard. Contact JPPLaw for a free consultation to see if you should file for bankruptcy. 


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