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What Is the Job of a Bankruptcy Attorney?

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Life’s monetary obligations can sometimes get so burdensome that we simply can’t pay down what we owe. As the months become years, some people realize that they need some major help to get out from under their debts.

Fortunately, the federal government has a process in place to help people who are being crushed by seemingly insurmountable debts. That process is called bankruptcy, and it’s a safe, legal way of either paying off or discharging your debts so that you can be financially free again.

Here is where a bankruptcy attorney from JPP Law can help. Bankruptcy is the best way out of unmanageable debts, but we’ll be honest: it can be a complex procedure. You can file for bankruptcy on your own, but you stand to benefit much more from hiring an attorney to represent you.

Now, you might be wondering, “Do I really need a lawyer?” or “What is the job of a bankruptcy attorney?”

Let us explain how it is definitely in your best interests to get an attorney for your bankruptcy filing. Then, when you need lawyers in Williamsport, PA, we at JPP Law will be happy to help.

Your Attorney Will Have Expertise

Let’s start with the simplest point: your bankruptcy attorney should be an expert in bankruptcy and know how to help you right from the start.

There are multiple kinds of bankruptcy for which you can file. For individuals, the most common types are Chapter 7–in which some of your assets are liquidated to pay your debts to your creditors–and chapter 13–in which your debt is essentially reorganized so you can pay it off using your income.

You can check out our guide to bankruptcy law to learn more about the types of bankruptcy.

Your bankruptcy attorney will know which type of bankruptcy is right for you and advise you on your options. For instance, what if you want to know which of your possessions will be liquidated ahead of time? How can you keep certain assets? Which other assets will be forgiven? How much control over your spending does the bankruptcy court have in a chapter 13 filing?

And what if there’s a better option for you than bankruptcy?

It is a bankruptcy lawyer’s job to know these answers after studying your situation. That expertise is one major benefit of hiring a professional to handle your case.

Your Attorney Will Assist with Paperwork

It’s a simple fact: filing for bankruptcy requires a lot of paperwork. This can be dry, complex stuff, and some of it may confuse you. But it is your bankruptcy attorney’s job to help you file it with the bankruptcy court.

Your forms will request various items of information from you, such as your income, monthly expenses, and current debts and assets. These forms can be lengthy and somewhat intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing, but that’s why we’re here.

We will help you complete these forms and then file them with the court on time not to miss any critical deadlines. It’s our job to know the procedures around paperwork filing, so we’ll make sure you’re never left in the dark or late with something.

Your Attorney Will Represent You at Hearings

As if bankruptcy was not complicated enough, the process also involves multiple hearings. For instance, your creditors may all meet together to discuss your bankruptcy proceedings. Other meetings involve the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee.

It is the job of a bankruptcy attorney to represent you at these hearings, and not only that but to put your best interests above everything else. You want a repayment/discharging plan that is favorable to you so that perhaps you can keep the most important assets to you.

Bankruptcy attorneys put their clients first at these hearings, securing plans that take their requests and wishes into account. When you get a bankruptcy plan that works for you and makes you happy, then we are happy.

Let JPP Law Help You File for Bankruptcy

At JPP Law, we know how complex bankruptcy can be, but we also know how many people the process helps. Bankruptcy is often the only answer to mountains of debt that people can’t pay off otherwise. We are happy to be there to help you get out from under your debt and back on the road to financial freedom.

Don’t forget: it’s our job.

Call JPP Law today to start your bankruptcy filing and get back to living your life as you want.

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