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What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need When I’m at Fault in a Car Accident?

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No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes, have lapses in judgment, or get careless from time to time. However, even a minor slip-up can have significant, life-changing consequences when we’re behind the wheel of an automobile.

At JPP Law, we know that no one ever gets into a car accident on purpose. Liability in these situations isn’t quite as clear-cut as you might think. Even if you admit to being distracted while driving, other factors can also play a role; road and weather conditions and the other driver’s negligence can all contribute to an accident. In other words, just because you were at fault doesn’t mean you’re the only one liable.

Most importantly, at JPP Law, we don’t think you deserve to lose everything just because you made one mistake. Everyone suffers during a car accident, and it’s hard dealing with all the medical bills, lost wages, insurance costs, and more that crop up in the aftermath. You deserve a car accident lawyer who can help you recover your losses.

“But what kind of lawyer can do that,” you ask. “What kind of lawyer do I need if I’m at fault in a car accident?”

Fortunately, when you have questions, JPP Law has the answers.

You Need a Lawyer Who is an Actual Lawyer

What do we mean when we say an “actual lawyer?” Exactly how it sounds, a board-certified lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to represent you in court. In other words, not you. Too often, people involved in car accidents think that just because their injuries are relatively minor, it’s a good idea to try to represent themselves in court. This is never a good idea.

Simply put, an actual lawyer is far better equipped to understand your case’s ins and outs, which enables them to get results. When everyday people try to be their own lawyers, insurance carriers are typically quick to offer a far less settlement than what the claimant may actually be entitled to. And because they don’t have a lawyer by their side, the claimant often accepts the offer, not realizing their “win” is actually a loss.

You Need a Lawyer Who Won’t Settle

Speaking of settlements, let’s talk about “settlement mills.” A settlement mill is a law firm that has little to no interest in actually pursuing your case in court and instead relies on resolving your case as quickly as possible—usually, by taking the very first settlement they’re offered—so that they can simply get paid and move onto the next client. In other words, these are law firms that focus on quantity instead of quality.

Because their business model requires a steady influx of clients, settlement mills are often among the most visible law firms, the ones who advertise the most and the loudest. When looking for a car accident lawyer, it’s essential to look at the track record of the person who is going to represent you. Don’t be afraid to ask around; word-of-mouth is a far better indicator of a lawyer’s reputation than how big their billboards are.

You Need a Lawyer Specializing in Personal Injury

The legal system is a complex landscape fraught with pitfalls and minefields. That’s why experienced lawyers make it a point to specialize in a specific category of law; all the better to get to know their corner of the map intimately and map it out until they know it like the back of their hand.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, filing a claim to recover losses requires navigating the thorny, tangled world of personal injury law. You need a guide who knows the straightest, smoothest paths and who can keep you from getting lost in the wilderness. You need someone with experience and knowledge, someone who has made it their life’s work to specialize in personal injury law, to learn it front to back and back to front. A good personal injury lawyer knows things no one else will. They know how to take full advantage of all their resources to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

You Need a Lawyer from JPP Law

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Scranton, PA, look no further than JPP Law. Our record speaks for itself. With more than 150 five-star reviews from clients and over 2.5 million dollars’ worth of damages recovered, JPP Law has represented hundreds of cases in court and collected a number of awards and honors along the way, including an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau and multiple 10-point rankings from

Don’t blame yourself for making a mistake, and don’t suffer in silence. Contact JPP Law today for a free consultation and let us help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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